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of the accused spies who lived in russia but worked for the u.s. government -- their roles are being debated right now, but they are here now on american soil and ending a significant chapter in espionage. on the tarmac in vienna, austria, cameras captured a true spy swap. the russian plane on the left and the u.s. on the right and both taking off. \ russian tv. the arrivals live. three men accused of spying for the u.s. and one headed for london. they include a researcher, two former russian military members and a kgb officers. prosecutors say this does not mean a message has not been sent. >> if you come to america to spy on americans, he will be arrested. >> as for their children born here, all are either in russia or on the way. some of the accused still proclaim their innocence, like the new york on trip nor threw her attorney. -- new york entrepreneur. >> she always was a businesswoman. >> what is amazing is that all of this has happened in less than two weeks, perhaps because the u.s. had been planning for it. white house officials say the u.s. had been considering a spy swap as early
in u.s. sports history. james said he didn't make up his mind until just before last night's announcement. >> i'm going to take my town to south beach and join the miami heat. >> reporter: the announcement set off wild celebrations in miami and anger in cleveland, where former fans burned james' number 23 cavaliers jersey. >> that's the absolute worst decision ever. queen james, not king james. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: james insists he never wanted to leave the cavaliers but decided it was time to move on. by signing with miami, he left more than $30 million on the table in cleveland and he joins his former olympic teammates dwyane wade and chris bosh, forming a super trio james says gives him the best chance to win a championship. >> it's going to give me the best opportunity to win and to win for multiple years. and not only just to win in the regular season or just to win five games in a row or three games in a row. i want to be able to win championships. and i feel like i can compete down there. >> reporter: the cavaliers' owner dan gilbert is outraged
in the u.s. completing the journey from russia. the plane landed moments ago at dulles international airport in the washington area. their return completes the spy swap with echoes of the cold war that also sent ten russian agents who have been living here in the u.s. back to moscow. for a look at how it all went down today, here is correspondent david lee miller in new york. >> reporter: less than two weeks after they were arrested, ten convicted russian spies are now in moscow. without any fanfare, their plane touched down at one of the city's airports. for most on board, including anna chapman, it was a return home. but for vicky, polalles, likely to be a stop on her way to native peru. all expelled from the u.s. after pleading guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to act as foreign agent. in exchange for their release, russia set free four prisoner, three former kgb about and arms controlled researcher. four russian prisoners with flown to air force base in england where two of the russians were dropped off before the plane headed back to the u.s. a russian analyst said it was
-- maybe. u.s. and russia revive cold war memories as they appear to trade agents in the heart of europe. they lived a deep undercover in the u.s. for years. now it seems russia's tense buys next door are headed for moscow. bentley blast and pakistan. at least 45 killed in a suicide attack outside of a government office. as world cup final weekend loans, has the tournament's given and lasting boast to the host nation? we will be reporting from south africa. >> now known even better than before that it is a country that can do things difficult for others to do. >> hello, and welcome to "gmt." the biggest exchange of spooks since the cold war, and a story that has been unfolding over the last minutes and hours. 10 russian agents arrested in the u.s. less than tv -- two weeks ago, indiana, after revealing their true identities in new york. parking alongside a jet believed to have flown in from moscow. it is believed four men convicted of spying for the west were on board. both planes took off in the last few minutes. here is the very latest. >> russian agents who live double lives and the a
in exchange for four people convicted of working as spies for the u.s. as tara mergener reports, it was the biggest spy exchange since the cold war. and we will have more on that story later in our newscast. >>> leaders in the presbyterian church have split on two measures concerning gay parishioners. last night in minneapolis, church leaders voted to allow noncelibate gates in committed relationships to serve as clergy and not to redefine marriage in their church constitution to include same sex couple. they could take up the issue today if enough delegates agree. if not the matter would be shelfed for two years. the the u.s. interior department plans to issue a ban on deep water drilling after the court ruled against the moratorium on thursday. they claimed the ban threatened their livelihoods. federal officials say it is necessary while it studied deep water drilling risks in the wake of the b.p. oil spill. >>> b.p. has set a new date for capping the leaking well. they are aiming to seal it off by july 27th. however, the "wall street journal" quotes the company executive as s
for the u.s. the whole exchange happened on an airport tarmac in vienna, austr austria. one plane headed east and the other headed west. matthew chance is in moscow with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. the biggest spy swap since the end of the cold war has taken place on the tarmac of the airports in the austrian capital of view any. the plane carrying the ten confessed spies from the united states, confessed to working for russia. landed at the airport a short time ago. couple of hours ago now. it was followed quickly afterwards by an official aircraft from russia which was carrying four people pardoned by russian serving the lengthy prison sentences in russian jails for spying for western powers, including the united states. the exchange took place on the tarmac which men none of the -- people actually entered the country of austria. the one plane carrying the four from russia has taken off and landed, we understand, now from the united kingdom. the other aircraft carrying the ten russians arraigned in new york is still on its way back to the russian capital. >> this was all par
jailed in their native country for helping the u.s. landed in washington today. the flight followed that big spy swap. justice correspondent bob orr has the details of the exchange. >> reporter: the spy swap was completed on an airplane tarmac in vienna, austria. a chattered vision airlines jet carrying the ten secret agents expeld from the u.s. pulled directly behind a russian plane carrying four prisoners from russia. from a distance, waiting vans could be seen shuttling the former captives from one plain to another as the spies literally traded places. within 90 minutes, the planes took off. the ten from the u.s. headed for moscow, the four are from russia to london and washington. the spy trade was engineered by c.i.a. chief hraoepd and mikhail fradkov, the head of russian intelligence. at the same time, u.s. officials saw an opportunity to free long-jailed russian spies who had helped american and british intelligence. >> most of them just for the money. >> reporter: one of those freed is former k.g.v. colonel gennady vasilenko. he was identified by robert hanssen, an f.b.i. tu
to 454,000. that's the lowest level since early may. late today, the u.s. treasury declined to label china a currency manipulator, citing that country's recent move to end the yuan's peg to the dollar. in a report to congress, treasury secretary geithner said what matters most is how far and how fast china's currency appreciates. meantime, interest rates are staying the same in the euro zone. the european central bank met today decided to join the bank of england in leaving its benchmark interest rate at an historic low. meanwhile, u.s. mortgage rates continue to drop-- the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage is at a record low 4.57%. and u.s. government scientists have made what could be a major breakthrough in the battle against h.i.v. they've discovered two human antibodies that can stop more than 90% of known global h.i.v. strains from infecting human cells in the laboratory. the breakthrough could be used to create improved vaccines and treat h.i.v. infections. >> susie: still ahead, the bond market's been on a tear recently. coming up, analysts weigh in on whether the run
. >>> it is the biggest u.s .- russia spy swap since the cold war. pinkston reports for wjz. >> reporter: one by one, all ten admitted they had used false identities and pled guilty to being russian spies. then the judge signed off on an agreement that forced the spies to leave the u.s. immediately. the attorney for suspect anna chapman retains that she is not a spy. >> she's admit that is she failed to register as an agent of a foreign government. >> but she was trying to get information for a foreign government, russia. >> reporter: none of the people were providing information -- >> none of the people were providing information that could not be ready obtained by internet. >> reporter: four people in custody in russia will be sent back here. among them spy yugo who passed details to u.s. these are a good deal for both spy. >> we add administrated a spy. federal officials have not revealed what if anything secrets the spies passed to moscow. but officials do not believe any information was revealed. >>> mta is taking new action to address problems head on. wjz is live at penn station. new at 11:00, k
as the u.s. and russia completed a trade of secret agents. after less than two hours on the ground, both planes took off. a plane landed in london and another touched down in moscow. ten spies working for the government pleaded guilty in a court to working as unregistered agents. in exchange, russia freed four people including a scientist. in an interview for "face the nation" eric holder says that the deal is good for the u.s.. >> essentially, we orchestrated a swap. we have the access to the four people charged in russia with conducting the intelligence activities. >> reporter: obama administration officials say that the swap had the highest levels of approval. this is common from the cold war, but usually after years in jail. the spies in the u.s. revealed their identities in court. it was not a happy out come for this lady. >> >> she would have preferred to stay in the united states. she started a business here and the business was doing very well. >> reporter: they won't be able to replace their lost income by doing deals for books and movies and anything else. any profits will go t
people convicted of spying for the u.s. eric holder said this was an extraordinary case and the agreement we reached today provides a successful resolution for the united states and its interest. >> diplomatic relations with russia remained on a positive track. >> this is proof of better relations with russia. >> we did not want to see this disrupt relations which have made progress. >> the quick resolution to is case comes as the u.s. senate takes up a new nuclear arms control agreement. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have seen a number of pictures, children with these alleged spies. what happens to the children? >> officials say it will be up to the parents, the parents' decision about what will happen to these children, as long as it complies with u.s. law. it is not clear whether these children will go to moscow. >> thank you. nba superstar lebron james makes his long-awaited decision. he will be wearing a miami heat jersey this fall. he played his first seven seasons with the cleveland cavaliers. he now joins chris bosh and dwyane wade, both who announced they were signing with t
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with the united states. but japanese think that the u.s. presence in the asia- pacific and japan is indispensable. we are grateful to the service of women and men in uniform of this country. although i have to make two preconditions. one is that both the u.s. government and japanese government will continue the effort to lessen the burden of the bases. this is a treaty obligation. we will have a basis, but we have to be always mindful about people -- will have bases, but we have to be always mindful about people surrounding the base. it makes the surrounding people problems, and we have to lessen that. the most important issue here is okinawa, where 75% of the u.s. bases is concentrated. we have to continue to alleviate, lessen the burden, on the okinawan people. there is a marine base. we are now agreeing to move it to north of the island, and also to leave other burdens as well -- impacts as well. remember, prime minister hatoyama said that he will try to come up with a conclusion by may 31. a lot of people said that this was very difficult, but he tried his best and made an agreement at least
the u.s., off to vienna last night. moscow and washington moving quickly to swap spies and bring an end to an embarrassing mess. >>> the new king of south beach lebron james tells the world he is leaving cleveland for miami to play for the heat. while one city rejoices, the other mourns. we will have reaction just ahead sg. >> e-mails announcing the deaths of several u.s. senators went out to news organizations. they looked legit. it was all one big fat joke and not a funny one. now, the capital police are investigating that. the latest from our team in d.c. coming up. >>> the a.m. fix blog up and running. what's your announcement to the lebron james announcement or anything else in the news. go to cnn.com/a.m. fix. >>> the big story we have been talking about. ten convicted russian spies have touched down in vienna, austria. they were on a jet to laguardia after being expelled from the united states. the two superpowers showed how quickly governments can get things done when motivated working with lightning speed to put an embarrassing incident behind them. susan is here. what's the la
in austria. the u.s. says this is a good deal for them. even though it was four people given to the u.s. and ten given to russia. the four were much more high value. they were in failing health. the u.s. was eager to get them out of harsh confinement. it does send the message you say that the u.s. will try to stand by people who aid the west. and finally, the ten here never gain anything of value to value. they were sending people who never made much of a dent. for that reason, there was no great justice department interest in having them serve any time. they were available to send back. this was a great opportunity to get these four out is the way the u.s. ultimately looks at it. then, also, it wipes the slate clean of what had become an irritant in an effort to improve relations between the u.s. and russia. >> and exactly on that point, the attorney general eric holder was out here and we had a chance to talk with him briefly and this was his response. >> we wanted to make sure that we did this as quickly as we could so we didn't have any kind of ongoing negative impact between the go
. >>> the biggest spy swap since the cold war is now a done deal. u.s. and russian flights landed briefly in vienna this morning and then took off. whit johnson has the latest information. >> reporter: two planes sat nose to tale on the tarmac in austria as the u.s. and russia completed a highly orchestrated trade of secret agents. after less than two hours on the ground, both took off. a plane carrying four russians reportedly landed in london at a military base. the other touched down in moscow. ten spies, working for the russian government, pleaded guilty on thursday in a federal court new york to working as unregistered agents. in exchange russia freed four people convicted of passing information to the west including scientists. in an interview for face the nation, attorney general eric holder says the deal is good for the u.s. >> we essentially orchestrated a swap so we had access to or got back four people who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: obama administration officials say the swap had the approval of the high
russian spies on the tarmac in moscow. the u.s. attorney conforms the largest u.s.-russia spy exchange since the cold war is a success. we have a live report. patti ann: in the middle box, sarah palin releases a brand new campaign-style ad. is it a sign she'll run for president in 2012. jon: forget how much is the doingy in the window, a proposed new law in one city that would ban pets, almost all of them. a major u.s. city considering the measure. patti ann: take a look at our newsroom, breaking news coming in from across the country and around the world. jon: president obama is in nevada to talk about green jobs and to help raise money for senate majority leader harry reid. the president, hosting a fund-raiser last night in las vegas, telling the crowd he needs senator reid's help in washington. reid is struggling in his reelection campaign against republican sharron angle a. tea party favorite. anita vogel streaming live from las vegas. will president obama's visit help or hurt harry reid here, anita? >> hi there jon. probably both. harry reid needs the president's help in vegas, ne
britain cannot extradite four terrorism suspect to the u.s. until it proves the sentences don't violate the human rights charter. norwegian agencies announced arrest of three suspected al-qaeda members. >>> there is a questionable conviction and matter much of the world considers the question of morality, not criminality. amy kellogg has more. >> reporter: we are getting unconfirmed reports that a stoning sentence handed out to woman was canceled but it does not mean she will avoid the death penalty altogether. this evening, the human rights groups are looking for clarity. 43-year-old ashtiani was sentenced to stoning for alleged adultery and already spent five years in jail. mother of two received 99 lashes for this alleged ultima adultery. the only proof of her act is what she called forced confession and "knowledge and evaluation of two judges." her son risking his own life written to the head of judiciary begging judges to spare her life saying -- >> iran is a state party to the covenant of political, civil rights, not to torture people. the iranian authorities say they don't tortur
the largest spy swap in the world. the u.s. released russian spies in released those providing information to the west. the plane is expected to land at dulles within the hour. we will have the latest on this story coming up right here. >>> this city of rockville completed repairs to a broken water main. it burst on wednesday and that sent water shooting into the air. work crews are flushing the water line and testing the water. restrictions will be in a fact until noon tomorrow. customers are asked to stop their outside water use limit washing machines and use water only as necessary. >>> or creigh is in arlington hope to finish repairs on a water main break -- work crews in arlington. this happened at south courthouse road. some customers did lose water service. >>> there are some big developments in the oil spill in the gulf. nearly all of the oil could be contained as early as monday. >> for the first time in 81 days since the oil has gushed into the gulf, the government is offering a date when the leak may be contained. >> our first goal would be to shut the well in. >> it involves re
drama that started with the arrests nearly two weeks ago now has ended with a flight out of the u.s. and a spy swap straight out of the movies. pete williams is nbc's justice correspondent. well, pete, i'm sure you're sorry to see this story go. tell us how it went down in the final hours. >> still a bit up in the air quite rit rally because the ten russian spies on their way to russia. the plane left new york last night. landed in vienna this morning meeting the plane from russia carrying the four exchanged to the west. they were swapped on the tarmac and then both planes took off. the russian plane now on its way with the ten and some of their children, savannah. american authorities worked out with the russians that the couples that had children here in the u.s. could take their children with them. the children are, of course, american citizens born here and free to come back. the ten agreed as part of the plea eagreement to not enter th u.s. without permission. they gave the real names in their real russian names. admitted to a single charge that they were secret agents. they we
-life james bond plot. the u.s. and russia involved in a 14-person spy swap, and it all happened in the blink of an eye. >>> and then the big announcement. >> this is very tough. i'm going to take my talents to the beach and join the miami heat. >> it didn't look like it was very tough. miami might be welcoming lebron james with open arms, but cleveland is disowning its onetime favorite son. there goes that lebron jersey. and wait till you hear the reaction from the owner of the cleveland cavaliers who called lebron narcissistic, self-promotional, selfish, cowardly and then really laid down the gauntlet. ♪ alejandro, alejandro >>> and new york city going ga ga over the lady herself. good friday morning. i'm chris jansing live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. and we begin with the riot out in oakland, california. angry mobs flooding the streets, smashing windows and looting stores. their anger sparked after a white transit cop was convicted on a lesser charge in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man last year. more than 80 people were arrested overnight, some caught in the act
journal this is "washington journal."> > . \. the u.s. recently opened itself to the most intense scrutiny yet by the international monetary fund, and on thursday was offered a bitter pill when the agency criticized some well-defended aspects of american culture. cheap fuel, sub deciding housing and a government retirement check. >> we want to get your reaction to the imf calling for the u.s. to make lifestyle changes. call the numbers on the screen. you can also tweet us at twitter.com/cspanwj or send an email to journal@c-span.org here are the numbers again to call in. this is back to the "washington post" article on the imf report calling for the u.s. lifestyle changes. the risks are tilted to the downside david robinson of the western hemisphere said as he presented the annual assessment of the u.s. economy in its first-ever review of the financial sector. host: now we got the imf report that just came out yesterday, and here's what it said -- in part of this report, and this is at imf.org if you want to read it for yourself. the obama administration's intention to freeze non-security
swap at the end of's airport this morning, the u.s. gave up 10 russian foreign agents in exchange for four once imprisoned in russia, accused of spying for the west. all 10 russians pleaded guilty in a manhattan federal court yesterday, expediting the swap. the sentence, 11 days already served and the condition they never returned to the states. senior administration officials say it showed growth between russian and u.s. and prosecutors believe it sends a greater message. but its use by americans in america you will be exposed. >> for year the agents monitored the ring. this data never gathered sensitive information. they lived normal lives and even raising children. most of the children are also now in russia, except those of vicki -- they will remain in the u.s.. >> i would have been completely discombobulated if i found out my parents were spies. >> as for the four now free and headed to the west, they, too, had to admit they worked against russia, gathering information for the west. officials say national security as well as the prisoners' health played a role and those selec
has maryland's ties. >> one of the four men being sent back to the u.s. from russia owns a house in baltimore county. david collins is live with more in cockeysville with this late breaking development. >> his house is secluded behind a patch of woods. you really need to know where to look in order to find it. this is the home he reportedly bought in 2001. he is a former colonel in russia's foreign intelligence agency. he retired in 1997 and moved to the u.s. russian authorities suspected he shared classified information with u.s. intelligence services. he was arrested on his return to russia in 2001. according to a neighbor, his late wife's parents live there and he also had relatives in russia. russian media linked him to exposing former fbi agent robert hansen and another man as spies. both were convicted of spying for russia. >> the wife lived here when we moved in, and she was a wonderful neighbor. >> his family declined to answer the door. they called baltimore county police to ask us to leave. we'll have more on the story coming up tonight at 11. >> now we have an update o
sponsored by wpbt >> gharib: good evening, everyone. a four-day winning streak on wall street. the major u.s. stock indexes posted their best week in nearly a year. you know, tom, investors have been snapping up stocks ohopes they'll be getting some good news and it starts next week. >> hudson: you can see the optimistic mood change when you look at the numbers. all three major indices gained 5% over the past week. the dow up 60 points today, the nasdaq adding 21 and the s&p 500 rising 7.5. today's gains did come on lower volume ahead of the weekend. the nyse is down over a billion shares and the nasdaq off the two billion share pace. >> gharib: the one concern is the economy, including the weak housing market. that housing weakness comes even though the 30-year fixed rate mortgage is now at the lowest level in 50 years. it's averaging just over 4.5% nationwide. erika miller explains why it's not doing much to help the markets. >> reporter: with mortgage rates at rock bottom levels you'd expect a surge. but not so, says marc kunnen who blames the tougher standards. >> the higher credit score
bye-bye spies. big exchange between the u.s. and russia since the cold war. >>> end game, bp's latest plan to contain the gusher and why there will be more oil before there is less. >>> plus the ripple effect on hard-working gulf families. >>> making a difference by bringing new hope, eye in the sky. >>> and lebron james feeling the heat after playing the guessing game. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm lester holt in for brian. there was such fan a fair just two weeks ago are back in moscow tonight in a scene straight out of the pages of a novel, the ten who had been living here posing as americans were swamped on an airfield for four russian citizens. two of them arrived in washington just a short time ago. now apparently free men, but nonetheless pawns in an east-west game most of us thought was of a bygone era. we have more on this story. martin, good evening. >> yes, sir, good evening. it was the quickest spy swap experts could remember. quickly ending an embarrassing spy scandal between the united states and r
teem. kristen berset ffr "sportt unlimited." >> he u.s. team will receive the medal during a ceremony auugst 11..3 now here is ennifer gilbert with the "late edition". >> relief from the heat wave on the way. >> hard to breathe. >> who is suffering the most. and when the cold front will finally move through. >> swapping spice. unusuaa deal the obama administration is working oot with russii. >> demonstrating the danger. how pedeetrraas quickly become victims aad why it is such a big problem in baltimore. >> that's it. game over. >> and dead oysters in the gulf. is killing them. >> live in high definition, froo wbff tv in baltimore, this is >> hello again, iiam jennifer gilbert, jeff barnd is offf3 tonight. another scorcher of a day in baltimore. the temperaturrs did not hit triple digits today.3 -ut with a boost in humidity, it felt awful outside. so far, eight people have died in maryllnd from this summer's extreme heat. ú%e latest ictim was pulled from baltimore home thii week, where the temperature was more than 90 degrees inside of the house. many people in balttmore are livi
sleeper agents have been sent back to russia. in exchange, the u.s. is receiving four men accused by moscow of spying for the west. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is live for us in washington. pete, i've been watching you cover this thing minute by minute. i don't know how you can catch your breath. this has happened so quickly. >> reporter: well, and it's all over now. the plane carrying the ten russians from u.s. landed in vienna. they got off, landed, the four from russia landed in vienna earlier today. that plane has landed in the united kingdom where those four agents accused -- convicted of spying for the u.s. and western agencies in russia will be deep death briefed by british and american officials before some of them, probably not all of them, eventually come to the u.s. but that's a ways away. they'll stay a while in the uk for this rest period. so it's finally over, tamron. now some of the ten, at least one of them, at least, will not stay in russia. that is what their lawyers say. at least one of them, originally from peru, intends to go back to peru and the
division as well as the u.s. attorney's office here in san francisco and the fbi to see if this warrants federal prosecution. >> we understand that there was also a car vandalized in tacoma, washington, there were also incidents in portland, oregon with people reacting. as we mentioned, the oakland police department and the mayor are due to hold a news conference any time now. let's bring in california congresswoman barbara lee who represents oakland. congresswoman, thank you for being with us. >> first let me say this, like everyone, i am really frustrated, saddened and outraged. if you look at the video and you know what took place, this to me is a glaring example of the need to reform our criminal justice system. and that is something we have been working on for years and years and years. it is important that we understand that criminal justice reform has to happen and it has to happen quickly to avoid circumstances such as this. i have been in touch with the department of justice for many months now, and i'm confident that they're going to move forward with their independent and thor
the president approved swapping the suspects and the u.s. gave russians names of the four it wanted release. the attorney for the accused spy -- the attorney for the woman who went by the name anna chapman talking the case. robert bond says her crimes were minor. >> she was passing without being specific, never identified the government and the messages, if they were identified would have been very trivial everyday information. no secrets whatsoever. >> the prosecutor said the case was devastating. >> i think they like to say that about every case. >> shepard: he also said chapman would have prefered to stay in the united states and said she is now headed back to moscow. david lee miller in the new york newsroom. what can you tell us about the four men russia sent to the west? >> we know enough to say it looks like the u.s. came on top in this deal. analysts a lopsided arrangement. we sent 10, four came back. looks like the four could be in the spies' hall of fame. let me give the quick laundry list. the one we've heard the most about recently a physicist convicted of spying for the united
is one of the four bridges to across between the u.s. and mexico. that's the only one still closed for pedestrian foot traffic. two of the three bridges closed this morning, two have reopened including the world trade bridge, where half of all mexican commerce and trade passes between the countries. the river crested last night. the highest level in 45 years that you mentioned. third highest crest on record. the flood stage is 8 feet. as the water re-credes we get to say what it is leaving behind. a little bit of rain today but then back to texas weather. 95 to 100 and sunny skies. today is nice and refreshing, not bad on the ramp to the river which should be going into a shopping mall. >>> bp could change out the cap on the leaking well tomorrow. the obama administration says cold weather could speed up the plans to get a new cap on. it could contain more oil but means oil will flow unrestricted for a period of time while they make the switch. volunteers are moving 50,000 sea turtle eggs from the west coast of florida to the east coast. they want to give them a fighting chance at
. the exchange of 14 spies took less than an hour and a half. the u.s. getting four people being held in russia on charges they spied for the u.s. u.s. officials say some of those freed by russia were ailing. they also say at least one of the four spies may have exposed information leading to the capture of two of the most damaging spies ever caught in the u.s. and those names could be familiar to somebody out there. we're talking about robert hanson. the swap allowed moscow to avoid ten spy trials in the u.s. that would have potentially spilled embarrassing details of how the agents who posed as ordinary citizens, even having lived here, how they apparently had recovered very little information of value for russia but managed to be watched by the f.b.i. for years and years on end. back here live. the exchange as you mentioned earlier is the largest since the cold war. many saying if was -- it was done really to help the u.s. and russian relations continue to go on the line it's been on, the good relations they've been forging over the last few years. it's really not known what is going to beco
. andrea canning, abc news, new york. >>> and now, that u.s.-russian spy swap, the biggest since the cold war, is a done deal tonight in the end, ten spies were flown out of new york to vienna and swapped for four russians. the planes, one russiaen, one, parked side by side. so, how is this playing in the headlines in moscow? abc's alex marquardt lives and reports in russia for us. >> reporter: anna chapman and her family are staying in the countryside. tomorrow, like all ten, figuring out what's next. all of their as sets have been seized by the u.s. government. so, they will rely on russia and family to get a new start. one of the ten has been offered an apartment and $2,000 a month for life. it's unclear if that's what everyone will get. so, how did it all play here? this is today's newspaper. below the fold, the heldline reads "chanexchange of the prisoners." not that big of a story here. russians actually found it pretty funny how big a deal americans made out of it. diane? >> all right, alex, thanks to you. didn't play that big there. >>> and all eyes are under iran tonight, where a
of the u.s. accused of spying for russia, pleading guilty to one count each of conspiring to act as an unregistered agent of a foreign country. internet sensation anna chapman and the others are being spared prison terms and instead being allowed to go back home to russia immediately. >> miss chapman unlike many others who were charged in a conspiracy that dated back over a decade had only been in the united states for a little over six months. >> reporter: the virginia spies will be allowed to take their two young children home to russia with them. the f.b.i.'s case apparently closed. >> the bureau has been covering these people for the better part of ten years. there are probably no more secrets to learn about these people and what they've done and from all we've seen, they didn't do any damage to our national security. >> reporter: as part of the swap, moscow will be releasing four accused spies, including this russian scientist jailed the last six years accused of selling russian naval secrets to the u.s. what do you think about the spy exchange? >> i think it should be one f
spy scandal. ten accused spies become keys to a deal between the u.s. and russia that is right out of the cold war era. right after this. [ female announcer ] there's a new generation of sun protection... ...that outlasts their energy. [ female announcer ] new aveeno® continuous protection. we've combined natural soy and vitamins with spf 100, in a formula that provides 3 times better sunburn protection than ordinary sunscreens. [ female announcer ] new continuous protection. from aveeno®. >>> our number one international story tonight, fast moving developments in the russian spy drama. all ten suspects, pleaded guilty this afternoon in a new york city courtroom. the judge immediately ordered them to be deep ported as part of a deal between the u.s. and russia. russia in turn will hand over four people convicted of espionage over there. susan candiotti was in the courtroom. she is joining me. pretty dramatic day in court. talk to us about the deal that was worked out. >> really of all the court cases this ranks near the top for the drama that happened in court. right now at this
, caught in the u.s. hours earlier, the high stakes spy exchange unfolded in vienna, austria. two planes sat on the tarmac. the 10 were on one. four russians jailed for supplying information for the west were on board the other. including scientist igor sutiaga. those four headed to a military base in london. in an interview for face the nation, attorney general eric holder said the u.s. got a good deal. >> we essentially orchestrated a swap. so that we had access or got that for people who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells cbs news that the cia director personally worked out details with his russian counterpart. once they had an agreement, president obama himself okayed the deal. >> reporter: the 10 russian spies pleaded guilt to acting as unregistered agents as a foreign country. one of the few who operated under her real name was anna chapman. like the others, she'll have to start a new life in russia. >> i think she'll spend time with the family and make a decision about whether she wa
to russia. in exchange, four people convicted of spying in russia are coming back to the u.s. this is the largest spy swap between the two countries since the cold war. >>> jessica doyle is here with a special "living $mart" report. the very big business of a big movie franchise. >> that's right. of course twilight is a hit, right? close to $200 million in ticket sales so far. so what's better for twilight fans or so-called twihards than seeing eclipse decked out in apparel and makeup? the fans live for the twilight movie. >> i love the story. i have seen the first two movies a couple of times. >> reporter: they root for their favorite characters. >> i would definitely say jacob is cuter. >> team jacob. i like the horrible things. pretty cool. >> reporter: and now twilight fans can take their love of the film to a new level. whether you are with team edward or team jacob, nordstrom has a product they hope will eclipse your expectations. a fresh collection of twilight inspired clothing to help you dress like bella. >> that is awesome. i can do bella. >> reporter: and that is n
. the largest u.s.-russia spy swap since the cold war is a done deal today it. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff, on the newshour tonight, the hand over of ten spy as rested here for four convicted in russia took place in vienna in less than 90 minutes time. we get the latest on how this spy story played out. >> lehrer: then margaret warner assesses the economic state of the states. with governors ed rendell of pennsylvania. >> woodruff: fred de sam laz ro reports on one man's mission to help the unemployed find work. >> i think about the training and you get papers and if you get papers you can get jobs easily. >> lehrer: mark shields and david brooks offer their weekly analysis. >> woodruff: and we look at the hype and the fallout from basketball star lebron james's decision to leave the cleveland cavaliers . >> it is very tough and i'm going to take pie talent to the beech and join the miami heat. >> lehrer: ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was
from sky fox. this landmark spy swap arranged by top officials of the u.s. and russian governments after days of secret negotiations. david lee miller has the details. >> reporter: the f.b.i. watched them for years but just days after their arrest, ten people convicted of spying for russia are handed over to moscow. the united states in return getting four russian prisoners. on thursday the ten agents pleaded guilty in a new york federal court before being whisked away to laguardia's airport where they boarded a private jet. from there it was off to neutral ground, vienna, austria. less than two hours later the spy swap was completed on a remote part of the runway and the planes were back in the air. it's unclear where the ten arrested in the united states will end up but anna chapman arguably the most well known returned to russia and is unlikely to ever step foot on u.s. soil ever again. >> under the agreement that she signed, she can only come back to the united states after direct authorization by the united states government. it is highly unlikely they would ever grant such au
at the university of nevada-las vegas. >>> the federal appeals court has rejected the u.s. government effort to keep a deepwater drilling moratorium in place. the interior department said it was necessary while studying the risk. the appeals court ruled that the federal government failed to show it would suffer irreparable injuries if the ban was not restored. >>> day 81 of the gulf coast oil spill, concerns growing about air quality. the epa says that the air in some towns along the louisiana coast poses a moderate health risk. anyone unusually sensitive should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. >>> 14 people are dead in pakistan, more than 100 others injured after a suicide bombing along the afghanistan border. that left the commercial -- that blast struck a commercial area. far no one has claimed responsibility. >>> still ahead, the showdown to save a local school is over. we will hear from emotional parents and students about the decision to close clifton elementary. >>> metro is making over the rosslyn station. we will tell you what the changes will mean for passengers. changes will mean for p
the ten spies captured in the u.s. are now in russia and we are tracking the four detainees who were released from moscow and two of them may be on this vision airlines plane. it touched down a half hour ago at dulles international airport airport and news agencies an the country, including our own are waiting to see just who is on board. let's get to our gary noneberg who is live at the scene to give us details. have you seen anything? >> this is like going to the movies in the 1960s, visions of a 20th century cold war now mostly confined to the history books, a spy swap unfolding in the 21st century as a reminder that spy craft is real, that state craft is often the only way they can get a ticket home. that vision air 767-200 touched down here at 5:31 this afternoon after apparently delivering four of the western spies to a military base in britain earlier today. that means two remaining men are believed to be on the flight. on-line tracking services report the plane has filed a plight plane -- plan for miami 45 minutes from now. when we asked whether they will remain in washi
this international drama is just getting started. earlier today the u.s. and russia conducted the biggest spy trade since the woeld war the exchange happened on a tar pack in vienna as tree a. ten spies busted in this country back to russia. four russians convicted of spying for the west just won their need opl. one of them this man. they charged this former arms control analyst with espionage in 2004. it is not clear where he'll end up. coming up why this guy topped the list when it came to any talk of a spy swap. just what makes him so valuable? that, plus more details of his fascinating life story. strong new words from new mexico governor bill richardson slamming arizona's governor for canceling a conference of border state governors from both the u.s. and mexico. arizona governor jan brewer was set to host the annual meeting in phoenix but brewer called it off after mexico's participants announced a boycott over arizona's new immigration law. richardson says the conference is crucial to work out issues beyond immigration. >> she on her own without consulting anyone said the border conference h
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